Adam’s Guide To Free Movies: Google + Communities


If you know me (which some of you do and many of you will get to through this blog), then you know I am a hugeeeeee fan of FREE! I’ve found many ways to see movies, for free. Whether it be advance screening tickets, borrowing passwords to Netflix, or finding movies in online communities… it’s just something I enjoy. The newest way that I’ve come across is an online community on Google +. I am very new to the online scene, especially Google + in particular, but wow is it great! The community is called Ultraviolet Digital UV Codes (Free/Sell/Buy/Trade) and there are over 43,000 people buying, selling, trading, and even giving away DIGITAL movies! You want it, someone is bound to have it! If you want to nab a “freebie” however, you have to be quick. They get posted and are usually gone in minutes, sometimes even seconds. I got lucky a few times in my first week and was able to score the following movies:

1. Airport (1970)


2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)


3. The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

images (1)

If you are going to go for “freebies…” just make sure you thank the person who posted it. It’s very frowned upon in this community to just sweep up all the freebies with no thank you or acknowledgment. The community calls these people “lurkers” and they are not big fans of them. You don’t want to find yourself being labeled a “lurker!”

I’m hoping to give trading a try this week. Trading involves all forms of digital movies. I have a few movie codes that I would be willing to part with and there are PLENTY of movies that I’d really love to have in my collection. Trading definitely looks like the quickest way to do this. So, needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend this community! Click here to become a member and start buying, selling, and trading today!


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