Review: Power Rangers (2017)


Power Rangers release date: March 24, 2017

Power Rangers is a $100 million budget Hollywood reboot of the classic 90’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. MMPR quickly became a pop culture phenomenon and was a big part of my childhood. The Power Rangers were everywhere; I had the action figures, clothes, bed sheets, and I even dressed as the Red Ranger for Halloween one year. The show was centered around 5 teenagers who were chosen to protect Angel Grove, their hometown, from alien attack. Rita Repulsa played the main villain to the Power Rangers.

mmprrita repulsa


The 2017 movie gave you a nice origin story to start off and slowly showed you how the group got together to become the Power Rangers. While this was a modern-day facelift to the original 90’s TV show a lot of it was recognizable and left me feeling nostalgic. It had some comic relief, brought to you by Alpha-5, which helped fill, what felt like forever, to get to the action, but once it did, I found it extremely enjoyable. You got the classic “It’s Morphin Time” line, you got the Putty Patrollers, and a fun fight scene which lead to the Power Rangers using their Zords. Once the theme music started playing, and they charged in to save the day, chills went down my arms. The crowd in the theater loved it too. The movie even included a cool, although vastly updated from the original series, Megazord morphing moment. Some people might find the movie cheesy, but so was MMPR. I can see how non-Power Ranger fans might not find this movie all that good, but as a huge PR fan, I thought it was great. I look forward to their next movie, which they hint at with a post-movie scene. For now, I’ll step on over to the Morphin Grid and continue reliving my childhood.

Power Rangers (2017)


Reel ROB Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Post Credit Scene: No

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