Review: Game Changers (2016)


Game Changers

Available on DVD & Digital HD: July 11, 2017

Game Changers is about lifelong friends Bryan (Brian Bernys) and Scott (Jake Albarella). Bryan and Scott were legends in the professional gaming world. Winning MLG Halo tournaments across the country. Now pushing 30, Brian and Scott no longer have the same legend status and feel as though part of their identity is missing. While working for an IT company that is falling apart, Bryan sets out to regain his claim to fame as a professional gamer. Scott agrees to help Bryan fight his way back to the top, but at what cost will these two go, to reclaim their status as professional gamers!?

As gamers ourselves, we went into this movie with very high hopes. The flashback scenes of Bryan and Scott playing Halo brought us right back to when we were in our heyday and playing with the elite professionals, such as the OGREs. We found Game Changers very relatable. Especially since we are basically the same ages as the main characters and we literally used to play the same game. So if you are a “gamer” we think you’ll enjoy this movie. It made us want to pick the controllers back up and get into some of those intense matches we used to have. Going into this movie we had hoped for more gaming scenes, but we didn’t get them. The acting wasn’t terrible, but we did find it a bit… awkward? Maybe that’s what the director was going for though, considering it is a gaming movie. Either way, it was stiffer than the competition Bryan and Scott were up against. With better acting we would have given Game Changers a higher rating. Although we have a few critiques we recommend giving it a watch… especially if you are a “gamer!”


Reel ROB Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

We want to thank our friends over at Reel News Daily for allowing us to do this guest review for them! Go check out our post getting some publicity on their site 🙂

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