Review: Long Lost (2018)

Long Lost

Theatrical Release: March 29, 2019

Run Time: 1 hour & 34 minutes

Reviewed By: Adam

“Seth (Adam Weppler), a young man invited to spend a long weekend at a Connecticut mansion with his long lost millionaire half-brother Richard (Nicholas Tucci) who, along with his enigmatic live-in girlfriend Abby (Catherine Corcoran), lead Seth down a psychological rabbit hole wherein luxury and temptation are intermingled with treachery and taboo.”

Long Lost is a great example of a slow burn thriller. The build up takes most of the movie and you have one jackpot of a payout. Some movies miss on the payout, but Long Lost did not. The payout was worth it. Definitely was expecting a lot crazier (because I happened upon a review in the middle of watching… my own dumb fault), but it was still an intense final 15-20 minutes. Was not expecting the twists and I’m usually pretty good with figuring them out. I have’t seen any of director, Erik Bloomquist’s, other work, but I’m certainly intrigued now. I thought all the acting was excellent. Especially Catherine Corcoran who certainly helped up my rating! I’ll be looking forward to seeing her future projects. I also keep thinking I know her from somewhere… she is from the Philly area so ya never know. Anyway, Long Lost is now officially available on Amazon. I would highly recommend this thriller for a date night. Make some popcorn, stay in on the couch, and enjoy the slow burn!

Reel ROB Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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