Review: The Deeper You Dig (2019)

The Deeper You Dig

Release Date: June 5, 2020

Run Time: 1 hour & 35 minutes

Reviewed By: Adam

Bogus tarot card reader Ivy (Toby Poser) and her teenage daughter Echo (Zelda Adams) are an unconventional but loving mother/daughter team. But when reclusive Kurt (John Adams) moves in down the road, a tragic accident results in Echo’s murder, causing three lives to collide in mysterious and wicked ways. Kurt believes he can hide his secret beneath the earth – but Echo, refusing to accept death, burrows into his head until he can feel her in his bones. As she haunts his every move, trying to reach her mother from beyond, Ivy must dig deep to see the signs and prove that love won’t stay buried.

“An Adams Family Production.” This went right over my head until I read up on it. The Deeper You Dig is written, directed, and stars John Adams, Tobey Poser (his wife), and Zelda Adams (their daughter). This makes me appreciate it that much more. I especially loved the scenery where it was shot. Apparently it’s the Catskill Mountains in New York. Not going to lie, it kind of made me want to go camping up there now. Obviously without the murder though.

If you take out the extra trippy scenes from The Deeper You Dig, it would’ve been even better. A couple of the scenes were just way too over the top trippy for me. Overall it’s not bad though. The acting was decent and the plot was pretty good. Oh, and that last 15 minutes was WILD!

The Deeper You Dig is one worth checking out and the Arrow Video Channel currently has it available to stream on demand.

Reel ROB Rating: 5.25 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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