Review: West Side Story (2021)

West Side Story Release Date: December 10, 2021 Run Time: 2 hours & 36 minutes Reviewed By: Edwina “An adaptation of the 1957 musical, West Side Story explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds.“ I was excited to go see this before … More Review: West Side Story (2021)

Review: Stuck (2017)

Stuck Theatrical Release: April 19, 2019 Run Time:¬†1 hour & 30 minutes Reviewed By: Adam “Six New Yorkers learn all about one another through the power of music, overcoming barriers of race, culture and class, while stuck together on the subway.” I know what a lot of you are thinking… a musical? Greattttt. I felt … More Review: Stuck (2017)