Review: The Blood Hunter (2019)

blood hunter 1

The Blood Hunter

Release Date: N/A

Run Time: 1 hour & 43 minutes

Reviewed By: Adam

The Blood Hunter follows a broken man named John Deckard (Tom Paxinos). He has nothing going for him; he has lost his brother, wife, job and now a group of blood thirsty vampires are after him. In response to this, Deckard joins an elite group of vampire hunters called the Blood Hunters, and finds redemption along the way as we see him rise up and become the man he was meant to be.

Sitting here after finishing The Blood Hunter and WOW! Not going to lie… when director/writer, Trevor Styles, reached out to me about writing a review on his low budget vampire flick, I went in with pretty low expectations. Regardless, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, especially since I love horror movies.

The Blood Hunter blew me away! The graphics were far better than I could have imagined for such a low budget film. If you enjoy blood and guts, this movie is for you. Side note: I was eating a PB&J when watching and had to stop for a few of the scenes. On top of the graphics, the sound mixing and even the soundtrack were great. I’ve seen movies with higher budgets that couldn’t get these two down as nice as The Blood Hunter. I was even pleasantly surprised by the acting. A lot of times with low budget films, the acting is one of the aspects that leads to a lower rating because it can be like pulling teeth. Well, whoever put this cast together did excellent! Tom Paxinos as Deckard and Amy Truax as Moxie were fantastic. I couldn’t get enough of them. Watching Paxinos was like hanging out with a buddy. Just felt real. Truax was not only incredibly sexy, but she kicked some major ass! Would love to see some other work from these two.

The entire story line was easy to follow. I think the only thing I had a hard time with was in the very beginning when Deckard escaped from his apartment. I couldn’t figure out how he escaped without the vampires putting up more of a fight, but honestly this movie rocked! To only have one question is insane for a movie that only cost $24,000. Usually, everywhere you look you can find a hole in the plot when it comes to low budge films. I can only imagine what they could’ve/would’ve done with a higher budget…

The Blood Hunter has no release date yet. The plan is to enter it into a bunch of different film festivals and go from there. I without a doubt know that people will enjoy it. The entire time I was watching, I kept imagining a streaming service like Netflix and/or Shutter or even a cable channel like SyFy picking it up. Fingers crossed for everyone involved, even though I am positive they won’t need it!

blood hunter 15.jpg


I was able to have a small Q&A with Trevor Styles (director/writer), Tom Paxinos (John Deckard), and Amy Truax (Moxie) of The Blood Hunter.

First is our Q & A with Tom Paxinos (John Deckard):

Q: I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of your other work, but what prepared you for your role as Deckard?

A: “The cast spent several weeks together rehearsing specific scenes and developing our characters. It was through these rehearsals, that Deckard came to life organically.”

Q: Not including The Blood Hunter, what is your all time favorite horror and/or vampire movie?

A: “I would have to say The Lost Boys! Epic!”

Q: Are you hungry to hunt for more vampires!?

A: “Haha! I personally don’t have any hard feelings towards vampires, but Deckard sure hates them! If the need arose, he would have to get back out there and spill as much blood as possible!”

Q: Do you have any future projects in the works?

A: “I currently do not have any acting roles lined up, but I am always ready and willing!”

blood hunter 8

Next is our Q & A with Amy Truax (Moxie):

Q: Looking at IMDb, it seems as though this was your first movie role… Was it? And what did you think?

A: “It is, and I loved every moment of our 7 week cannonball run. The long, hot summer hours, coupled with sometimes very cold nights filled with blood, sweat, tears, popped tires, giant barn flies, fossilized horse shit, port-a-potties, and a seriously haunted house… I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Since this was my first film project, and for the most part, my first acting gig, I had no idea what to expect… I was blown away at how much actually goes into the whole process, and how adaptable everyone needs to be in order to make everything work.

I also realized very quickly that nothing is predictable. The scene can start one way, you think you know your character, and you’re ready to film the scene the way you prepared for it, and by the end of the day, that scene has gone a completely different route. But I think that’s part of what made this whole process so amazing. At least for me. I had to learn to step out of my comfort zone and be at the mercy of whatever transpired.”

Q: How did you get picked to play Moxie?

A: “It was really through a lucky “right place at the right time moment.” I perform with an aerial troupe in Billings, Montana. Trevor saw a picture of me performing at one of our events, through a mutual friend of ours on Facebook, and reached out to ask if I would be interested in doing some stunt work or possibly auditioning for a role in a film he was working on. I have always had an interest in acting, but never thought there would be much opportunity for anything in Billings, Montana. So when the opportunity arose, and auditions came, I jumped on it and landed the role of Moxie!”

Q: Not including The Blood Hunter, what is your all time favorite horror and/or vampire movie?

A: “I am a horror nerd, so I cant say I have a favorite per se, but I am big on nostalgia, so my go to’s are usually what scared the shit out of me growing up: Pet Sematary, Child’s Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc., but I also enjoy a good (or bad) B movie. As for Vampire flicks, I would have to go with From Dusk Til Dawn. I have always been a fan of Tarantino and who doesn’t enjoy a good, yet beautifully grotesque, horror comedy.”

Q: Do you have any future projects in the works?

A: “There are a few potential things in the works, so stay tuned 😉 ”

blood hunter 6

Lastly, our Q&A with Trevor Styles (director/writer):

Q: How long have you been directing/writing?

A: “I graduated from film school in 2005 and have been making films in between my full time job and family of 6 ever since (I have 4 boys… age ranges from 2 – 18).”

Q: What is your favorite film you’ve directed thus far?

A: “The Blood Hunter is my favorite so far due to the cast and crew. We really became a tight knit family. We shot a lot of extremely long days over the course of 7 weeks, and it brought us all together thru blood, sweat, and tears. The budget was minuscule, so it forced us all to brainstorm solutions together.”

Q: Where was The Blood Hunter filmed?

A: “It was filmed in Billings, Montana… where nobody makes movies (LOL). I have been trying to stir up interest from other Billings artists for a decade. The goal has always been to develop a little film community here, so that we can give like minded artists a sandbox to play in.”

Q: When is the release date for The Blood Hunter and how will it be released (i.e., theatrical, digital, DVD/Blu-ray)?

A: “We plan on hitting film fests thru 2019, so we probably will not put it out on media platforms until after the festival circuit has been run. At this point we are just hoping to get interest from a distributor or a producer who may see it and give us a shot at making another film.”

Q: Which film fests do you have lined up so far for 2019?

A: “So far we have submitted to: Seattle International, International NY Film Fest, Covelite Film Fest, Crypticon Seattle, Los Angeles Film Reel, 2019 Big Fork Fest, Show Low Fest, MINT, Sin City Horror Fest, Buried Alive Horror Fest, Chicago Horror Fest, and Crypticon KC. The first we could hear back from is in April, since most of them are in the summer/fall. We do plan on submitting to about 10 more … we just need to get funds built up first (LOL).”


Q: Do you have any films planned for the future and/or will The Blood Hunter get a sequel?

A: “I have a script started for a sequel, but I put it on the shelf for now. To do it right, I would need a larger budget. So I thought I better gauge reactions from The Blood Hunter first, to see if it was even worth it to finish writing the sequel. The sequel sees John Deckard as a more established Blood Hunter and in the midst of a whole new set of problems and personal battles. The blood, sex, and violence get seriously ramped in the sequel, as well as the human drama with Deckard and Moxie. Fang-banger (Danny Hicks) would have a much more substantial role.”

blood hunter 2

Reel ROB Rating: 6.75 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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