Review: Vera (2019)

vera 01.jpg


Release Date: July 25, 2019

Run Time: 10 minutes & 23 seconds

Reviewed By: Adam

“After a booze-fueled fling with an older American businessman (Timothy J. Cox), a young Russian woman (Sofya Nova), desperate and out of options, decides to follow him back to the States under the guise of starting a relationship – when in reality, all she wants is to deliver the baby she’s secretly carrying on American soil. Upon arriving in the States, she’s thrust into a dinner party with the man’s older sister (Tatyana Yassukovich), an overly-protective, cold woman who quickly becomes suspicious of her intentions and attacks her.”

vera 02

Boy, 2019 sure has been an eye opening one for me when it comes to short movies. The only shorts I really knew existed before this year were the ones you get to see before a Disney/Pixar movie starts. This year, however, I’ve seen a ton of amazing shorts. I’m not sure if it was luck or skill, but Timothy Cox has been in a lot of really good ones. I kid… it’s obviously skill. Anyway, thanks to Timothy, I still have a pretty long list of shorts that I’ll be reviewing (eventually).

Today we start with Vera. Fantastic work on all ends here. It was just over ten minutes long and honestly felt like it was over in a flash. I was hooked from the beginning. You can find the full short at the top of this page. It’s worth the ten minutes. Sofya Nova is very easy on the eyes too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she started popping up in more projects. Good work by all three actors and the directing by Dante Iannetta was fantastic. I honestly don’t have any criticisms besides it maybe being too short? But if Vera was longer it would have take away from it being so good. Seems as though I’m continuously amazed at how much information/dialogue can be fit into these shorts. Oh and to top it off, it was filmed in Philly! Love me a local movie.

Can’t wait to see what Timothy has in store for the next one. Stay tuned!

vera 03

Reel ROB Rating: 7.75 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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