Review: Transit 17 (2019)

transit 17 - 1

Transit 17

Release Dates:
VOD: October 22, 2019
DVD: December 17, 2019

Run Time: 1 hour & 25 minutes

Reviewed By: Adam

“After Europe is hit with a virus which infected 60 million people, General Ratzinger (Jean-Paul Van der Velde) and his military aim to control the survivors hidden in secret outputs known as “transits.” Lead by the Commander (Silvio Simac), his “sniffers” continue to look for those who refuse to be confined while insurgents known as the Free Fighters, lead by Vanguard (Bond Mgebrishvili), aim to evade and destroy this oppressive military which instead of looking for a cure, continues to kill the infected as they grow in numbers.

Meanwhile, a separate Resistance team composed of Tex (Guy Bleyaert), Eve (Zara Phythian), Brad (Lee Charles), Deena (Kimberly Stahl), and Daniel (Daniel Pala) sets out on a secret operation to find Jen (Maria Melikidze), a 15-year old girl who was infected with the virus, but survived. She may be the only hope for a cure which causes The Free Fighters and the Resistance to join together. They will stop at nothing till she is safe and and the cure to save mankind is discovered.”

transit 17 -3

On the surface, Transit 17 had promise. Upon watching… not so much. The premise of the film was great. I loved the idea, plus I’m always up for a zombie movie. However, this was less zombie and more how to cure zombies. The zombies made and appearance pretty early on and that was it. They looked great too! The zombies were the best graphic/costumes of the entire film, yet they were only in a few early scenes. To be honest, I think Guy Bleyaert just tried to do too much. He was the main actor, director, and writer. Not going to lie, his accent really annoyed me too. I was just kept wishing a zombie would get him.

Going into Transit 17, I figured it was either going to be like Sharknado, where it was so bad it was good… OR it was just going to be bad. Unfortunately, it was just bad. Its definitely a late night SyFy Channel type movie, but one I wouldn’t watch again. Unless you’re a super zombie nerd and need to see every zombie movie out there, or you happen to be a fan of someone in Transit 17, OR you’re actually in the movie… save your time and your money.

transit 17 - 2

Reel ROB Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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