Review: Appiness (2020)

appiness - 01


Release Date: January 28, 2020

Run Time: 1 hour & 22 minutes

Reviewed By: Adam

When Eric Newman (Eli Batalion), a shy corporate professional on the cusp of his 30’s, gets laid off out of the blue, a chance meeting with long-lost techie buddy, Raj Patel (Varun Saranga), leads to scheming on startup billionaire dreams. With the help of a grassroots team led by the multi-talented Jeanine Genet (Amber Goldfarb), Eric and Raj may just be on the road to riches, freedom, and finding their true calling. But what starts off promising soon turns into a slippery slope of growing sacrifices, leading them to not just question what they should really be doing with their lives, but also, like, how long they have left to live.

appiness - 03

I can’t say enough, how much I was pleasantly surprised with Appiness. Going into it, I had low expectations. The trailer just doesn’t do justice for this movie. It made it seem very quirky, low budget, and lame… to be honest. In reality, some people may still feel that way after watching, but I thoroughly enjoyed Appiness from start to finish.

Director, writer, and lead actor, Eli Batalion, was great! Eli reminds me very much of Nick Kroll. Let’s also not forget Varun Saranga‘s performance in this movie too. He was hilarious. I would love to catch some more of his work. I bet he would have an excellent stand up routine.

I could absolutely see Appiness on Comedy Central, in fact, I hope they pick it up and if they don’t it would be a great fit for Netflix too.

Appiness felt like a story being told with my buddies over some beer and good laughs. Very down to earth and I always love a movie that I can throw on and enjoy without having to have a ton of in depth thought. If you come across Appiness, spend the hour on it. You’re bound to laugh out loud.

Appiness is currently available to rent or own on most streaming services.

appiness - 02

Reel ROB Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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