Review: High Strung Free Dance (2019)

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High Strung Free Dance

Release Date: October 11, 2019
DVD & VOD: Available Now

Run Time: 1 hour & 43 minutes

Reviewed By: Adam

High Strung Free Dance tells the story of Zander Raines (Thomas Doherty), a dazzling and tempestuous young choreographer who gives the break of a lifetime to two hopeful artists when he casts a stunning contemporary dancer, Barlow (Juliet Doherty) and innovative pianist, Charlie (Harry Jarvis) in New York’s most-anticipated new Broadway show: Free Dance. But the move throws off the show’s delicate creative balance when Charlie falls hard for Barlow while Zander embraces her as his muse.

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I found High Strung Free Dance to be very Hallmark-y. I’m honestly not a big Hallmark movie guy, so to me I only found it to be average. My grandpop loves Hallmark movies and occasionally I’ll watch one with him and enjoy it, but for the most part I usually find them tacky.

I did, however, absolutely LOVE the music and the dancing in High Strung Free Dance. The choreography was excellent. I just didn’t really love the story. Again, I’m just not a big Hallmark guy.

Just to be clear, this isn’t actually a Hallmark movie, I just found it very similar to them. In fact, I told my grandpop that he would enjoy this one.

Jane Seymour makes and appearance as Barlow’s mom, which was a nice plus. I usually enjoy her movies. My grandpop pointed out that Jane Seymour has acted in a few Hallmark movies, which certainly helps solidify my comparison. The acting, in general, wasn’t bad, in fact I really loved the trio of Juliet Doherty, Kerrynton Jones, & Nataly Santiago. They were great together and I could even see a spin off of them living together becoming a thing.

I did have to do a quick Google search after the movie because I noticed Thomas (who plays Zander) and Juliet (who plays Barlow) had the same last name, Doherty. I was very glad to find out they weren’t actually brother and sister, as they have a love interest in the movie. That definitely would have been a little awkward.

As much as I only found this movie to be average, don’t let my thoughts steer you away. If you’re into Hallmark movies than this one is a must watch!

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Reel ROB Rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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