Short Review: Screw Loose (2020)


Screw Loose

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Run Time: 8 minutes & 7 seconds

Reviewed By: Adam

Tells the story of a deranged man stalking people on social media and tracking them down with sinister actions in mind. With nice camera shots, and a catchy pop song that you won’t get out of your head, Screw Loose delivers with some nice tense moments without any dialogue.

It shows terrifying side effect of being on social media or even having a smart phone device and that is; what if you were being tracked down by a stalker.


This is some of Dominic Field‘s best work yet! If you remember, earlier this year I reviewed another one of his shorts called, 3AM. That one ended up being pretty good, but needed some better lighting and a few other minor critiques. Well, in Screw Loose, it was tough to find any critiques at all.

Screw Loose has no dialogue, but it doesn’t need any. It makes it even creepier that way. I was very anxiously sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire eight minutes. This short opens your eyes up to how easy it would be for this to happen. Very real and very scary stuff!

If you’re big into thrillers, this eight minutes is worth your time.

I have another short from Dominic I’ll be reviewing in the upcoming weeks and I’m excited to check it out. However, I’m worried that Screw Loose is going to be hard to top. Stay tuned to find out!

The full short is available above or on YouTube.


Reel ROB Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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