Review: Chasing Perfect (2019)

chasing perfect - 1

Chasing Perfect

Release Date: July 9, 2019

Run Time: 1 hour & 31 minutes

Reviewed By: Adam

Chasing Perfect is a singular, charming portrait of Frank Stephenson, one of the most influential car designers in the world, whose designs range from high-concept hypercars (such as the McLaren P1) to everyday city vehicles (such as the iconic new Mini). Chasing Perfect traces the renowned car designer’s sparklingly different approaches to design and his vertical move into electric aircraft design. Chasing Perfect, is a fantastic new documentary film for car lovers and debut feature from female director Helena Coan.

chasing perfect - 2

In my last review, I mentioned how I’ve become very fond of short films this year… well, 2019 is also the year I’ve grown to love documentaries too. If you were to have asked me ten years ago (maybe even five) I would’ve told you how boring I thought documentaries were, but now, I can’t get enough. Chasing Perfect is a documentary I honestly didn’t think I would find interesting, but boy was I wrong. It was great. Very informative and for a debut feature film, Helena Coan sure was chasing perfection. She knocked it out of the park. I can say for a fact, I had no idea who Frank Stephenson was before watching this film. Now, I feel like he’s an old friend and on top of that, the film made me want to see a Mini or McLaren on the road now that I know the background on how they were created. They’re not only Frank‘s art, but his babies. Very well done! There’s a few friends/colleagues I have in mind that would LOVE this film, however, I do believe it’s one everyone can enjoy and walk away feeling more knowledgeable. Chasing Perfect is now available on all major video on demand platforms.

chasing perfect - 4

Reel ROB Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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