Short Review: 3AM (2020)



Release Date: January 29, 2020

Run Time: 9 minutes & 59 seconds

Reviewed By: Adam

A guy (Anthony Field) wakes up at 2:55AM to a ghostly presence. Every minute from then on, something paranormal happens.


This ten minute short is bound to get your heart racing. As if I wasn’t already stressed enough these days, every time you hear the phone alarm go off in this film, you just know nothing good is going to come from it. I was on edge the entire time.

I also never had heard of 3AM being known as the witching hour, until after watching this short. I was doing a quick Google search looking for a movie poster or some stills to use in this post and came across the meaning of 3AM… the more ya know!

At times, it seemed hard to see what was going on. I know that’s what they were going for, but sometimes I miss the old blue light trick to make it seem like nighttime. Nowadays, everyone literally just films in the dark. I have a love hate relationship with that style. I love that it gives the film a more lifelike feel, but I hate that I have such a hard time seeing everything. Not to mention, if you’re watching during the day and there happens to be a glare… game over. For example, Game of Thrones received a lot of slack for using this film tactic in one of their final episodes. Everyone complained they couldn’t tell what was happening in the battle. A quick edit was then made to brighten up the replays.

Regardless of lighting, any horror buff should check out 3AM. It won’t disappoint. Especially with the jump scares!

You can watch the full short on YouTube or at the top of this review.


Reel ROB Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Post Credits Scene: No

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